Frequently Asked Questions

Reservation and contract

You can create a reservation simply by filling out the form on the detail of the specific offer of the ship. Immediately after sending the form, we send an electronic request to book the ship and in case of success you will create a non-binding and temporary reservation. The so-called Options.

The option on the boat is limited in time. As a rule, it is usually 5 - 10 days when you have a boat booked, but it is not yet obligatorily reserved. We will inform you of this time immediately after confirmation by the charter company If you do not complete the booking process (signing the contract and paying the deposit) during this time, the boat will be released to other people for hire again.

The contract is concluded directly between you and the charter company with our representative, which operates the ship. We will send you the contract as soon as we receive confirmation from the charter company that the boat is available. Usually within 24 hours of sending a non-binding reservation through our site.


Payment is made non-cash, by transfer to our account maintained in Euros.

After completing the binding reservation (signing the contract), a 30-50% deposit is paid within 5-7 days and the remaining part is paid no later than 5 weeks before departure.

Each charter company has a different cancellation fee, which you can read as soon as we send you a draft contract after sending a non-binding reservation. In most cases, however, it is: In case of cancellation 2 or more months before departure, a cancellation fee in the amount of the deposit, 1-2 months before departure 50% and in less than 1 month before departure 100%.

Captain's license

Each country has its own rules for the obligation to have a captain's license at sea or in national waters. If you are not sure about the validity of your certificate, we recommend that you contact either us or the charter company directly and verify that you can sail with your certificate with a specific boat.

If you don't have your captain, it doesn't matter. You can use our services and we can arrange a captain or even a hostess for you. Prices for these services follow the current price list for the year.